Fitness in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Edward Fitness
John Fitness
Charles Fitness
James Fitness
William Fitness
Richard Fitness
Alfred Fitness
George Fitness
Thomas Fitness
Arthur Fitness
Harry Fitness
Walter Fitness
Sidney Fitness
Ernest Fitness
Owen Fitness
Mark Fitness
Augustus Fitness
Henry Fitness
Fredk. Fitness
Frank Fitness
Samuel Fitness
Edwin Fitness
Philip Fitness
David Fitness
Orlando Fitness
Caleb Fitness
Herbert Fitness
Albert Fitness
Fredk.E. Fitness
Fred Fitness

Top female forenames

Mary Fitness
Elizabeth Fitness
Edith Fitness
Jane Fitness
Alice Fitness
Sarah Fitness
Emma Fitness
Louisa Fitness
Harriet Fitness
Ellen Fitness
Clara Fitness
Ada Fitness
Susan Fitness
Maria Fitness
Catherine Fitness
Blanche Fitness
Gracie Fitness
Tessia Fitness
Florence Fitness
Phebe Fitness
Martha Fitness
Eliza Fitness
Lucy Fitness
Lizzie Fitness
Caroline Fitness
Isabella Fitness
Ann Fitness
Hannah Fitness
Thirza Fitness
Francis Fitness
Esther Fitness
Rosina Fitness
Emily Fitness

Top occupations

Bricklayers Labourer
National School Master
Medical Rubber Daur
Medical Rubber
Nurse Dom
Raiway Engine Driver
Retired Gardener
Woodman Labour
Wife National School Master
Upholsterers Assistant
Thatcher And Pruner
Stable Boy (8-1)
Solicitors General Clerk
Shopman To Clothier
Magistrate & Tn Councillr
Lodging Housekeeper
Carriage Fitter (Ry)
Builder Emp 4 Men
Bricklayer Labourer
Boiler Maker
Auctioneers Clerk
Annuitant Civil Service ( Treasury )
Caulker Shipbuilder
Coach Maker (Ry)
Lodging House Keeper
Ladies Maid Dom
Jute Weaver
Hatters Assistant
Domestic Servant
Cook (Dom)
Commercial Travellers Wife
Commercial Traveller (Blacking)
Agricultural Labourer