Firmstone in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Firmstone
John Firmstone
George Firmstone
Henry Firmstone
Thomas Firmstone
Edward Firmstone
Samuel Firmstone
Joseph Firmstone
Peter Firmstone
James Firmstone
Charles Firmstone
Robert Firmstone
Arthur Firmstone
Geo. Firmstone
Wm. Firmstone
Freddy Firmstone
Thos. Firmstone
Edmund Firmstone
Benjamin Firmstone
Ambrose Firmstone
Albert Firmstone
Fredk. Firmstone
Percy Firmstone
Alfred Firmstone
Horace Firmstone
Harry Firmstone

Top female forenames

Sarah Firmstone
Alice Firmstone
Jane Firmstone
Eliza Firmstone
Mary Firmstone
Elizabeth Firmstone
Emma Firmstone
Martha Firmstone
Ellen Firmstone
Catherine Firmstone
Annie Firmstone
Elizth. Firmstone
Lydia Firmstone
Clara Firmstone
Lousa Firmstone
Caroline Firmstone
Ann Firmstone
Frances Firmstone
Florry Firmstone
Ada Firmstone
Phebe Firmstone
M.A. Firmstone
Lucy Firmstone
Lena Firmstone
Henrietta Firmstone
Amy Firmstone
Flory Firmstone
Alexandrina Firmstone
Fanny Firmstone
Emily Firmstone
Elizth.Jane Firmstone
Mabel Firmstone

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Laborer At Iron Works
Labourer In Iron Works
Labourer Farm
Labourer In Ironworks
Labrr Iron W
Lodging House Keeper
Maltster (Journeyman)
Maltsters Wife
Moulder In Ironworks
Rector Of Wyke
Serv (Dom)
Vic r Of Westbury
Boot Revitter
Iron Worker
Caster Out Of Work
Coal Bank Labourer
Commercial Traveller
Curate Of Hagley
Domestic Serv
Employed At Ironworks
Engine Smith In Factory
Engine Smith In Factory Wife
Farm Baliff
Farm Labourer
General Servant
General Servt
Glass Worker
Glass Works Frosting
Iron Master
Woollen Burler