Elphinstone in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Elphinstone
James Elphinstone
Henry Elphinstone
Adam Elphinstone
John Elphinstone
Kenneth Elphinstone
Robert Elphinstone
Howard Elphinstone
George Elphinstone
Wm. Elphinstone
Charles Elphinstone
Sydny Elphinstone
Allan Elphinstone
Percy Elphinstone
A.H. Elphinstone
Maurrice Elphinstone
Edward Elphinstone
Daniel Elphinstone
Thomas Elphinstone
Augustus Elphinstone
Montiglue Elphinstone
Lancelot Elphinstone
Douglas Elphinstone
W. Elphinstone

Top female forenames

Margaret Elphinstone
Mary Elphinstone
Annie Elphinstone
Jane Elphinstone
Agnes Elphinstone
Amelia Elphinstone
Elizabeth Elphinstone
Charlotte Elphinstone
Constance Elphinstone
Barbara Elphinstone
Irene Elphinstone
Victoria Elphinstone
Howard Elphinstone
Stephen Elphinstone
Hannah Elphinstone
Sarah Elphinstone
Florance Elphinstone
Elisabeth Elphinstone
Lois Elphinstone
Jos. Elphinstone
Beatrice Elphinstone
Isabel Elphinstone
W. Elphinstone
Ina Elphinstone
Althea Elphinstone
Susan Elphinstone
Harriett Elphinstone
Selina Elphinstone
Frances Elphinstone
Rosalie Elphinstone
Fanny Elphinstone
Martha Elphinstone
Eliza Elphinstone
Louisa Elphinstone
Lady Elphinstone
Blanche Elphinstone

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Theatrical Manager
Income From House Property & Dividends
Ladies Maid Servant
Licensed Hawker
Lieut Of Militia
Magistrate Practising Barrister Legal Author MA FLS FRMS
No Occupation
Nurse Domestic Servant
Police Constable
Retired Broker
Retired Farmer
Retired Missionary
Sir Howards Wife
Spirit Distillers Collector
Theatrical Manager Service
Widow Of General Officer
Dumfries 1.1 Peer
Baronets Wife
Bart Landowner
Clerk Inland Revenue
Clerk N E Railway CMP
Coachman (Domestic Servant)
Col India Army Retd
Colonel R.E.K.C.B.C.M.G. Active List
Corn Merchant
Elementary Teacher
Engine Driver
Freight Clerk Birds Wharf
Gardener (Dom)
Gardener Dom
General Practioner M P C S
House Owner