Ellsley in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Ellsley
Robart Ellsley
James Ellsley
Alfred Ellsley
Herbert Ellsley

Top female forenames

Harriet Ellsley
Mary Ellsley
Fanny Ellsley
Charlotte Ellsley
Annie Ellsley
Marien Ellsley
Liyn Ellsley
Henrietta Ellsley
Hannah Ellsley
Florence Ellsley
Elizabeth Ellsley
Catherine Ellsley
Louisa Ellsley
Ida Ellsley
Grace Ellsley

Top occupations

Custom House Officer (C S Ck)
Groom Domestic Serv
Housemaid (Dom Serv)
Parliamentary Clerk (CS)
Private R M L I
Railway Servant
Railway Servant Wife
Servant Domestic (Out Of Employ)