Doman in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Doman
William Doman
Alfred Doman
John Doman
Charles Doman
Henry Doman
Albert Doman
Samuel Doman
James Doman
Joseph Doman
Frank Doman
Herbert Doman
Thomas Doman
Walter Doman
Edward Doman
Hargreve Doman
Ernest Doman
Edwin Doman
David Doman
Uriah Doman
Francis Doman
Arthur Doman
Tom Doman
Spencer Doman
Agnes Doman
Sidney Doman
Georg Doman
Reuben Doman
Percy Doman
Michael Doman
Hugh Doman
Benjamin Doman
Andrew Doman
Harry Doman
Silence Doman
Fred Doman
Ralph Doman
Norman Doman
Elijah Doman
Wiltshire Doman
Hubert Doman

Top female forenames

Mary Doman
Sarah Doman
Elizabeth Doman
Jane Doman
Alice Doman
Emily Doman
Martha Doman
Eliza Doman
Annie Doman
Emma Doman
Anna Doman
Fanny Doman
Ann Doman
Ellen Doman
Hannah Doman
Kate Doman
Edith Doman
Catherine Doman
Grace Doman
Caroline Doman
Louisa Doman
Rosina Doman
Harriett Doman
Frances Doman
Lily Doman
Ethel Doman
Laura Doman
Kathleen Doman
Elsie Doman
Rose Doman
Nora Doman
Agness Doman
Maud Doman
Helen Doman
Christina Doman
Harriet Doman
Margreta Doman
Bessie Doman
Lilian Doman
Esther Doman
Sophia Doman
Anne Doman
Kezia Doman
Katherine Doman
Roda Doman
Agusta Doman
Janey Doman
Nellie Doman
Isobel. Doman
Clara Doman

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farm Labourer
Farmers Son
Grocers Assistant
Silk Winder
Farmer Of 101 Acres Employing 1 Man
Yard Labourer
Assistant Bookseller
General Serv
Farmer Of 60 Acres
Farmers Daughter
Farmers Wife
Gardener Domestic
Gardener Wife
General Labourer
Greenwich Pensioner
Apprentice To Dressmaking
Grocer And Tailor
Agent Hardware
Groom (4)
Groom (N D)
Ag Lab ((Out Of Employ)
(N/O) Corn Porter
Char Woman
Cook (Dom Serv)
Boot & Shoe Maker
Corn Porter Unemployed
Cotton Reeler
Carver & Gilder
Draper & Outfitter Emp 4 Assistants 1 Boy
Bolt Maker
Basket Maker
Engineering Apprentice (E&M)
Estate Labourer
Farm Laborer
Barman (Out Of Employ)