Dolson in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Dolson
John Dolson
Richard Dolson
James Dolson
Hary Dolson
Francis Dolson
Benjamin Dolson
A.G. Dolson
Sidney Dolson
J. Dolson
Frederick Dolson
Charles Dolson
Alfred Dolson

Top female forenames

Mary Dolson
Margaret Dolson
Elizabeth Dolson
Emma Dolson
Charlotte Dolson
Cate Dolson
Amelia Dolson
Susannah Dolson
Catherine Dolson
Annie Dolson

Top occupations

Green Grocer
Gas Engineer
Bricklayers Lab
Silk Dyer
Secretary (Cml Clk)
Glassworks Appr
Gen Servant
Gen Lab
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 97 Acres
Cotton Piecer
Coal Miner
Stone Cutter