Doharty in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Doharty
John Doharty
James Doharty
William Doharty
George Doharty
Bryan Doharty
Richard Doharty
Michal Doharty
Joseph Doharty
Daniel Doharty
Sarah Doharty
Owen Doharty
Michael Doharty

Top female forenames

Mary Doharty
Margaret Doharty
Sarah Doharty
Emma Doharty
Elizabeth Doharty
Ann Doharty
Louisa Doharty
Jane Doharty
Ellen Doharty
Annie Doharty
Julia Doharty

Top occupations

At Home
Coal Miner
Farm Labourer
Furnace Man (Iron)
Wollen Spinner
Plasterers Laborer
Out Of Employ
Mason Labourer
Labourer At Print Works (Cotton)
House Keeper
General Labourer
Engraver (Artz)
Cotton Spinner (Operative)
Cotton Knotter
Colliery Labourer
Coke Burners Labourer
Card Room Hand (Cotton Mill)
Box Maker (W B)
Block Printer (Cotton)