Davonport in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Davonport
Samuel Davonport
John Davonport
Alfred Davonport
Charles Davonport
William Davonport
Joseph Davonport
Felnix Davonport
Carl Davonport
Walter Davonport
Thos. Davonport
Henry Davonport
Bertram Davonport
Tom Davonport
James Davonport

Top female forenames

Ann Davonport
Elizabeth Davonport
Mary Davonport
Annie Davonport
Martha Davonport
Ada Davonport
Jemima Davonport
Caroline Davonport
Alice Davonport
Louisa Davonport
Eliza Davonport
Phoebe Davonport
Amy Davonport
Lavinia Davonport
Frances Davonport
Evelyn Davonport
Kate Davonport
Jane Davonport
Florence Davonport
Emily Davonport

Top occupations

Pin Maker
Nuisance Inspector (...)
Potters Biscuit Placer
Potters Lathturner
Potters Paintress
Potters Placer
Potters Transferer
Railway Out Porter
Saw Manufacturer Employing 13 Persons
Servant (Dom)
Servt Dom
Sewing Machinist
Teacher Of Music
Watch Maker
Weaver In Cotton Mill (CM)
Employed At Bleach Works
At Home
Boot Rivitter
Civil Service Clerk Postal Branch
Cotton Weaver
Domestic Servant
Dress Maker
Ag Lab Farm Serv (Indoor)
Glass Cutter
Grey Cloth Salesman
Hosiery Hand
Letter Receiver Cso (Postal Branch)
Manager To Parliamty Agents (Law Clerk)
Master Builder Emp 8 Men & 1 Boy
Mule Spinner In Cotton Mill (CM)