Davenhill in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Henry Davenhill
Arthur Davenhill
Thomas Davenhill
John Davenhill
William Davenhill
Charles Davenhill
Frederick Davenhill
Richd. Davenhill
Hugh Davenhill
Harry Davenhill
Wm Davenhill
Thos. Davenhill
Robert Davenhill
Richard Davenhill
James Davenhill

Top female forenames

Mary Davenhill
Sarah Davenhill
Emily Davenhill
Eliza Davenhill
Charlotte Davenhill
Emma Davenhill
Elizabeth Davenhill
Margaret Davenhill
C. Davenhill
Louisa Davenhill
Ada Davenhill
Laura Davenhill
Jne Davenhill
Harriet Davenhill
Veronica Davenhill
Nancy Davenhill
Matilda Davenhill
Columbia Davenhill
Martha Davenhill
Catherine Davenhill
Lucy Davenhill
Ann Davenhill
Lizze Davenhill
Kate Davenhill
Jane Davenhill
Mersey Davenhill
Eleanor Davenhill

Top occupations

Colliery Carpenter
Shoemaker Clicker
Potters Paintress
Under Gardener Domestic
Source Of Income From Dividends
Soldier (G Coy)
Railway Signalman
Railway Clerk
Needle Fitter Shoe Trade
Mothers Help (Dom)
Mining Engineer
General Practioner St Bartholemews Apothecaries Society & Union
Gardener Domestic Servant
Formerly Housemaid Servant
Farmer 203 Ac 5 Lab & 2 Boys
Domestic Servent
Clicker Shoe Trade
Black Smith