Dabell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Dabell
John Dabell
Thomas Dabell
Henry Dabell
Joseph Dabell
Edward Dabell
George Dabell
James Dabell
Frederick Dabell
Philip Dabell
Samuel Dabell
Arthur Dabell
Alfred Dabell
Wm. Dabell
Walter Dabell
Charles Dabell
Herbert Dabell
Willie Dabell
Harry Dabell
Alexander Dabell
Harold Dabell
Stanley Dabell
Robert Dabell
Ernest Dabell
Ned Dabell
Arnold Dabell
Alexr. Dabell
Will. Dabell
Gordon Dabell
Geo. Dabell
Frank Dabell
Richd. Dabell
Elijah Dabell
Percy Dabell
Daniel Dabell

Top female forenames

Sarah Dabell
Mary Dabell
Elizabeth Dabell
Annie Dabell
Ellen Dabell
Ann Dabell
Alice Dabell
Charlotte Dabell
Edith Dabell
Jane Dabell
Hannah Dabell
Fanny Dabell
Rachell Dabell
Emily Dabell
Catherine Dabell
Rebecca Dabell
Harriett Dabell
Caroline Dabell
Bertha Dabell
Susan Dabell
Rose Dabell
Ethelyn Dabell
Agness Dabell
Maud Dabell
Elizh. Dabell
Martha Dabell
Eliza Dabell
Lizzie Dabell
Harriet Dabell
Betsy Dabell
Sybil Dabell
Frances Dabell
Evans Dabell
Ethel Dabell
Mercy Dabell
Maria Dabell
Elisabeth Dabell
Jennie Dabell
Welyn Dabell

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Agr Lab
Gypsum Miner
Hotel Keeper
Manager Dining Hall (Eating House)
Brickyard Lab
Laborer In Iron Works
Fringe Jennier (Trimming)
Game Keeper
Frilling Machine Fitter (Spr)
Fancy Stationer
General Servant
Genl Lab
Glove Trimmer
Grocer & Gardener
Groom Dom
Gypsum Lab
House Serv
Iron Moulder
Jennier Of Lace
Joiner And Builder
Brick Layer Wife
Ag Cul Labourer
Ag Lab
Articled Clerk
Artificial Florist
Assistant To Above
Bicycle Fitter
Boiler Makers Apprentice
Brewer & Farmer 3 Men 1 Boy 60 Acres
Brick Layer
Female Compositor
Cook (DS)
Dairy Farmer Of 14 Acres
(Bank Cashier) ((...))
Fancy Stationers Wife