Cullingworth in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Cullingworth
William Cullingworth
Henry Cullingworth
George Cullingworth
Thomas Cullingworth
Charles Cullingworth
James Cullingworth
Robert Cullingworth
Arthur Cullingworth
Harry Cullingworth
Frederick Cullingworth
Geo. Cullingworth
Mark Cullingworth
Wm. Cullingworth
Joseph Cullingworth
Benjamin Cullingworth
Richard Cullingworth
Albert Cullingworth
Percy Cullingworth
Edgar Cullingworth
Herbert Cullingworth
Walter Cullingworth
Chas. Cullingworth
Arther Cullingworth
Regie Cullingworth
Alfred Cullingworth
Abraham Cullingworth
Frank Cullingworth
Laurence Cullingworth
Watson Cullingworth
Edward Cullingworth
Thos. Cullingworth
Sidney Cullingworth
Amos Cullingworth
Ralph Cullingworth
Percival Cullingworth
Fred Cullingworth
Lenard Cullingworth
Edwin Cullingworth
Joshua Cullingworth
Edmund Cullingworth
Johnston Cullingworth
Thos Cullingworth
Jesse Cullingworth
Benjn. Cullingworth
Tho. Cullingworth
J.W. Cullingworth
Benj. Cullingworth

Top female forenames

Mary Cullingworth
Elizabeth Cullingworth
Jane Cullingworth
Emma Cullingworth
Sarah Cullingworth
Ada Cullingworth
Hannah Cullingworth
Ann Cullingworth
Annie Cullingworth
Ellen Cullingworth
Clara Cullingworth
Harriet Cullingworth
Alice Cullingworth
Florence Cullingworth
Mabel Cullingworth
Ruth Cullingworth
Isabella Cullingworth
Matilda Cullingworth
Martha Cullingworth
Emily Cullingworth
Edith Cullingworth
Fanny Cullingworth
Amelia Cullingworth
Louise Cullingworth
Sophia Cullingworth
Alberta Cullingworth
Jennette Cullingworth
Emia Cullingworth
Rhoda Cullingworth
Harriett Cullingworth
Minnie Cullingworth
Eliza Cullingworth
Gertrude Cullingworth
Bertha Cullingworth
Anne Cullingworth
Florance Cullingworth
Lucy Cullingworth
Susan Cullingworth
Esther Cullingworth
Louisa Cullingworth
Selena Cullingworth
Agnes Cullingworth
Emelina Cullingworth
Henrietta Cullingworth
Rebecca Cullingworth
Maud Cullingworth
Grace Cullingworth
Christina Cullingworth
Frances Cullingworth
Margaret Cullingworth

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Ag Lab
Coal Leader
Miner (Coal)
Edge Tool Grinder
Shoe Maker Cordwainer
Cabinet Maker
Housekeeper (Dom)
Farmers Wife
General Servant
General Med Practner M.R.C.P.Lond M.R.C.S.
Dyers Labourer
Dyers Labourer Wife
General Dealer
Fancy Bead Threader
Farmer Of 47 Acres
Farmer Of 63 Ac Emp 3 Men
Forgeman (Iron)
Flax Hand At Mill
Clerk (Office)
Die Sinker & Tool Maker
Corn Millers Wid
Woollen Weaver
Brush Maker
Bricklayer Wife
Brick Manufacturer
Brewer (Publicans)
Assistant Fancy Trade
Clerk (Council)
Cloth Dresser
Coal Miner Wife
Coal Miner Son
Coal Miner
Auctioneer And Agent
Coachman Wife
Coachman Dom Ser
Cloth Weaver