Cullingham in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Cullingham
William Cullingham
George Cullingham
Thomas Cullingham
Charles Cullingham
John Cullingham
Henry Cullingham
Albert Cullingham
Joseph Cullingham
Aaron Cullingham
Laurence Cullingham
Benjamin Cullingham
Jeremiah Cullingham
Horace Cullingham
Frederick Cullingham
Walter Cullingham
Frank Cullingham
Samuel Cullingham
David Cullingham
Mathew Cullingham
Arthur Cullingham
Jesse Cullingham
Geo. Cullingham
Frederic Cullingham
Edward Cullingham
Peter Cullingham
Daniel Cullingham

Top female forenames

Mary Cullingham
Elizabeth Cullingham
Eliza Cullingham
Jane Cullingham
Kate Cullingham
Amelia Cullingham
Emma Cullingham
Anne Cullingham
Alice Cullingham
Fanny Cullingham
Ellen Cullingham
Laura Cullingham
Jemima Cullingham
Ann Cullingham
Hephzibah Cullingham
Rosa Cullingham
Harriet Cullingham
Agnes Cullingham
Naomi Cullingham
Florence Cullingham
Margret Cullingham
Lucy Cullingham
Eleanor Cullingham
Livinia Cullingham
Charlot Cullingham
Amy Cullingham
Selina Cullingham
Harriett Cullingham
Rachel Cullingham
Frances Cullingham
Ada Cullingham
Minnie Cullingham
Maria Cullingham
Margaret Cullingham
Louise Cullingham
Charlotte Cullingham
Catherine Cullingham
Susannah Cullingham

Top occupations

Printer Compositor
Agric Lab
Cement Labourer
Agricultural Labourer
Licensed Victualler
Looking After Stock Ag Lab
Genl Serv Domestic
Wife To Photographer
No Profession
Pilots Widow
Pipe Joiner At Water Works
Parlour Maid Dom Serv
Rural Post Messenger
Waiter (Dom)
Wife Of Mariner (Master)
General Dealer
Gardener Wife
Carpenter & Joiner
Butcher Employs 1 Man
Brewery Pupil
Brewer And Malster Employing 20 Hands
Boot Maker Wife
Boot Maker
Assistant Lap Telegraph Dept (serv)
Agr Lab
Carpenter Employing 6 Men & 1 Boy
Coal Meter Station G E R
Gardener Domestic Serv
Bar Maid
Domestic Servant Housemaid
Dock Labourer
Cook Serv Domestic
Coal Miner
A B Seaman