Cullerne in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Charles Cullerne
John Cullerne
Henry Cullerne
Chas. Cullerne
Arthur Cullerne
William Cullerne
Francis Cullerne
Benjamin Cullerne
Thomas Cullerne
Reynal Cullerne
Infant Cullerne
Geo.B. Cullerne
Ernest Cullerne
Bal Cullerne
Sydney Cullerne

Top female forenames

Emily Cullerne
Rose Cullerne
Marianne Cullerne
Harriet Cullerne
Eliza Cullerne
Ann Cullerne
Susan Cullerne
Ruth Cullerne
Minnie Cullerne
Harriett Cullerne
Emma Cullerne
Elizabeth Cullerne
Beatrice Cullerne
Sarah Cullerne

Top occupations

Broker Daur
Mechanical Draughtsman
Member Of Royal College Of Surgeons Surgeon Not Practising
Painter Plumber Glazier (1 Apprentice Employed)
Painters Wife
Printer Compositor (Apprentice)
General Commission Agent
Broker Wife
Broker (Furniture)
Book Keeper
Agricultural Laboror
Agricultural Laborer Wife
Agricultural Laborer
Telegraph Clerk 3 Class