Cubberley in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Cubberley
George Cubberley
Henry Cubberley
James Cubberley
William Cubberley
Francis Cubberley
Fredk. Cubberley
Thos. Cubberley
Charles Cubberley
Leonard Cubberley
Archibald Cubberley
Herbert Cubberley
Frederick Cubberley
Fredc. Cubberley
Frank Cubberley
Wesley Cubberley
Edward Cubberley
Thomas Cubberley
Arthur Cubberley
Joseph Cubberley
Alfred Cubberley
Frederich Cubberley
Fred. Cubberley

Top female forenames

Mary Cubberley
Emily Cubberley
Sarah Cubberley
Jane Cubberley
Florence Cubberley
Elizabeth Cubberley
Edith Cubberley
Annie Cubberley
Emma Cubberley
Ellen Cubberley
Eliza Cubberley
Louisa Cubberley
Anne Cubberley
Alice Cubberley
Gertrude Cubberley
Sushannah Cubberley
Marie Cubberley
Catherine Cubberley
Margaret Cubberley
Kathleen Cubberley
Ann Cubberley
Harriet Cubberley
Ada Cubberley
Florie Cubberley
Martha Cubberley
Clara Cubberley
Marian Cubberley
Bertha Cubberley

Top occupations

Ag Lab
At Home
Gardener Wife
General Labourer
Housemaid Dom Serv
Labourers Wife
Paper Stainer
Trousers Maker
Police Constable
Railway Clerk
Shoe Maker
Fireman G.E. Railway
Ag Labourer
Assistant Farmer
Bricklayers Labouraer
Cab Proprietor
Cabinet Maker
Cook Domes Sevt
Dress Maker
Farm Labourer
Farm Servant
Farmer Managing 650 Acres 20 Men & 6 Boys
Farmer Of 293 Acres
Farmers Boy
Fireman G E Railway
Valentine Maker