Craigie in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Craigie
Robert Craigie
James Craigie
William Craigie
Alexander Craigie
Henry Craigie
Arthur Craigie
Samuel Craigie
Charles Craigie
Edwin Craigie
Thomas Craigie
Joseph Craigie
Anthony Craigie
Geo. Craigie
Adam Craigie
Edward Craigie
Earnest Craigie
Claude Craigie
Peter Craigie
Nicholas Craigie
Archibald Craigie
Horace Craigie
Andrew Craigie
George Craigie
Albert Craigie
Wm. Craigie
Edmund Craigie
Saml. Craigie
David Craigie
Reginald Craigie
Charlton Craigie
Patrick Craigie
Athol Craigie
Archibold Craigie

Top female forenames

Mary Craigie
Annie Craigie
Jane Craigie
Ann Craigie
Elizabeth Craigie
Ellen Craigie
Martha Craigie
Emily Craigie
Susan Craigie
Isabella Craigie
Lizetta Craigie
Alice Craigie
Janet Craigie
Christina Craigie
Frances Craigie
Mabel Craigie
Anna Craigie
Evelyn Craigie
Lavinia Craigie
Amelia Craigie
Adelaide Craigie
Jessie Craigie
Violet Craigie
Eliz. Craigie
Sarah Craigie
E.L. Craigie
Helena Craigie
Charlotte Craigie
Hannah Craigie
Marian Craigie
Betty Craigie
Georgina Craigie
Mannie Craigie
Anne Craigie
Fanny Craigie
Emma Craigie
Josephine Craigie
Tirzah Craigie
Eliza Craigie
Isobel Craigie
Sophia Craigie
Eleanora Craigie
Isabel Craigie
Rhoda Craigie
Harriet Craigie
Caroline Craigie
Gertrude Craigie
Margaret Craigie

Top occupations

No Occupation
Grocer & Fruiterer
Farmers Son
Housekeeper Dom
Head Dressmaker
Housemd Dom Servt
Income Derived From Dividends
Income From Britsh Funds
Income From Dividends
Income From Land &c
Inland Revenue Officer (Ride)
Winder (Wor) (Text)
Inspector Of RSPCA (Off Of Child Soc)
Labourer In Engine Works (Maker)
Ladys Maid
Landed Proprietor J.P. & Late Bengal Civil Service
Lithographic Draughtsman (Printer)
Mariner Master
Mariner Wife
Mechanic (Spg M M)
Contractor (Undef) ((...))
Artificial Flower Maker
Bag Maker
Bar Maid
Barrister At Law (Not In Practise)
Beer Retailer
C S Bank Of England
Captain Royal Marines
Coachman Domestic Servant
Coal Miner
Cook Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant (House Maid)
Engineer (Artiz)
Farmer Of 104 Acres
Farmers Daur
Furniture Framer (...)
Gardener Domestic Serv
General Servant
Grain Merchant (Corn)