Corkish in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Corkish
William Corkish
Thomas Corkish
Robert Corkish
Henry Corkish
Edward Corkish
James Corkish
Evan Corkish
Wm. Corkish
Albert Corkish
Daniel Corkish
Charles Corkish
Walter Corkish
Philip Corkish
Enos Corkish
Louis Corkish
Edmond Corkish
Chas. Corkish
Caesar Corkish
Wilfred Corkish
Isaac Corkish
Thos. Corkish
Hughbertis Corkish
Stewart Corkish
Horito Corkish
Robt. Corkish
Richard Corkish
Maggie Corkish
Joseph Corkish
Jno. Corkish
Jacob Corkish
Andrew Corkish
Hy. Corkish
Aaron Corkish
Hugh Corkish
Samuel Corkish
Herbert Corkish
George Corkish

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Corkish
Mary Corkish
Jane Corkish
Margaret Corkish
Catherine Corkish
Ellen Corkish
Emily Corkish
Sarah Corkish
Isabella Corkish
Annie Corkish
Alice Corkish
Edith Corkish
Ann Corkish
Susana Corkish
Elizth. Corkish
Eliza Corkish
Christina Corkish
Judith Corkish
Bella Corkish
Gertrude Corkish
Susannah Corkish
Emma Corkish
Susan Corkish
Myra Corkish
Elenor Corkish
Mariam Corkish
Lavinia Corkish
Charlotte Corkish
Catharine Corkish
Henrietta Corkish
Beatrice Corkish
Esther Corkish
Agnes Corkish
Selina Corkish
Sage Corkish
Eleanor Corkish

Top occupations

Lead Miner
Fisherman (Fishman)
Iron Miner
Police Constable
Engine Drivers Son
Farm Labourer
General Laborer
General Servant (Domestic)
Ag Lab
Mariners Wife
General Servant (In Door)
Hotel Keeper
Flax Dresser
Flax Spinner
General Domestic Servant
Grocers Manager
General Labourer
Green Grocers Shop Assistant
General Serv (Domestic)
Green Grocer
Genl Serv (Domestic)
General Servt Dom
General Serv Domestic
General Servt
Farm Laborer
Fish Dealer's Wife
Fish Dealer
Domestic Serv
Cook & Baker (Ship) (Saragossa)
Coal Pit Labourer
Bread Baker
Engine Drivers Wife
Farmers Lab.
Farmers Lab Daur
Farmer of 30 Acres
Farmer of 12 acres
Farmer (8 acres
Farm Servant ((Laboure))
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Farm Labourers Wife