Cone in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Cone
Thomas Cone
Charles Cone
William Cone
George Cone
James Cone
Joseph Cone
Henry Cone
Samuel Cone
Arthur Cone
Patrick Cone
Peter Cone
Michael Cone
Chas. Cone
Frederick Cone
Walter Cone
Robert Cone
Edward Cone
Archbold Cone
Alfred Cone
Fredrick Cone
Ernest Cone
Elisha Cone
Edmund Cone
Jeremiah Cone
Anthony Cone
Herbert Cone
Timothy Cone
Spencer Cone
Elizabeth Cone
Christopher Cone
Martin Cone

Top female forenames

Mary Cone
Sarah Cone
Elizabeth Cone
Emily Cone
Annie Cone
Ellen Cone
Charlotte Cone
Alice Cone
Eliza Cone
Ann Cone
Hannah Cone
Bridget Cone
Esther Cone
Ethel Cone
Susan Cone
Lucy Cone
Kate Cone
Jane Cone
Catherine Cone
Margaret Cone
Janet Cone
Isabella Cone
Edith Cone
Rachel Cone
Clara Cone
Mabel Cone
Angelina Cone
Emma Cone
Rosina Cone
Rebecca Cone
Ida Cone
Ealrana Cone
Phoebe Cone
Helen Cone
Matilda Cone
Harriet Cone
Marion Cone
Grace Cone
Bessie Cone
Fanny Cone
Winneyford Cone
Lydia Cone
Sophia Cone
Anelia Cone
Louisa Cone
Sahra Cone
Riah Cone
Helena Cone
Ph. Cone
Harriett Cone

Top occupations

Coal Miner
General Servant
Half Timer In Cotton Mill
Domestic Servant
Drapers Assistant
General Labourer
Engine Fitter At Works
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Spinner
Farm Labourer
Carpet Designer
Railway Porter
Ag Lab
Dom Parlor Maid
Assistant In Coffeehouse
Drapers Apr
Agricult Labr
Egg & Butter Merchant (Man)
Engine Driver At Ironworks (22.2)
Agl Labourer
Farm Laborer
Farm Servant Indoor
Farm Steward
Fish Curer
Carpenter Master Employing One Man
Blacksmiths Boy
Bricklayer And Stone Mason
Wool Spinning Overlooker Unmpld (Worsted)
Cotton Mule Spinner
Cotton Carder
Corpration Lab
Cook ((January 19th))
Colour Mixer (Carpet)
Coachman & Coffeehouse Keeper