Coate in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Coate
Henry Coate
William Coate
Charles Coate
George Coate
James Coate
Frederick Coate
Walter Coate
Robert Coate
Thomas Coate
Alfred Coate
Richard Coate
Frank Coate
Herbert Coate
Arthur Coate
Ernest Coate
Wm. Coate
Robt. Coate
Edwin Coate
Daniel Coate
Chas. Coate
Sydney Coate
Harry Coate
Samuel Coate
Geo. Coate
Albert Coate
Matthew Coate
Francis Coate
Mark Coate
Jethro Coate
Edward Coate
Earnest Coate
Thos.Wm. Coate
Howard Coate
Clifford Coate
Sidney Coate
Gabriel Coate
Marmaduke Coate
Euli Coate
Wm.John Coate
Jas.Chas. Coate
Edgar Coate
Tom Coate
Jacob Coate
Thos. Coate

Top female forenames

Mary Coate
Sarah Coate
Elizabeth Coate
Jane Coate
Annie Coate
Ellen Coate
Susan Coate
Emma Coate
Ann Coate
Eliza Coate
Emily Coate
Louisa Coate
Ella Coate
Maud Coate
Fanny Coate
Anna Coate
Caroline Coate
Harriet Coate
Maria Coate
Emiline Coate
Rhoda Coate
Amelia Coate
Lavinia Coate
Paulina Coate
Ada Coate
Julia Coate
Elizh. Coate
Minnie Coate
Hellen Coate
Clara Coate
Maryann Coate
Helen Coate
Blanch Coate
Martha Coate
Hannah Coate
Susanna Coate
Margt. Coate
Sophia Coate
Lousia Coate
Angel Coate
Leah Coate
Pauline Coate
Agnes Coate
Kate Coate
Elizth. Coate
Nellie Coate
Joan Coate
Melina Coate
Hester Coate
Edith Coate

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
Agricultural Lab
Farmers Daur
General Dealer
General Servant
Dress Maker
Police Constable
Basket Maker
Beer House Keeper
Laborer (AG)
Farmer (Of 13 Acres)(Employing 1 Laborer)
Farmer and Withy Merchant
Farmer Milling (D 7/1)
Farmer Occupying 52 Acres Of Land
Farmer Of 107 Ac Emp 3 Men 1 Boy
Farmer Of 220 Acres 7 Men
Farmer Of 312 Acres Employing 11 Labourers & 4 Boys
Farmer Of 368 Acres Employing 14 Men & 2 Boys
Farmer Of 415 Acres Employing 12 Labourers and 3 Boys
Assistant (Confectioner)
Farmer Of 75 Acres Employing 2 Men 1 Boy
Farmer Out Of Business
Apprentice To Fishing Trade
Woollen Drapers Salesman
Coal Trimmer
Coal Trimmer Wife
Commercial Traveller
Companion retired Tailoress (Dom)
Brewers Traveller
Cordwainer (Boot)
Farmer (263 Ac 8 Lab 6 Boys)
Dom Servant
Domestic Servant
Engine Fitters Wife