Clempson in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Clempson
Joseph Clempson
William Clempson
Samuel Clempson
George Clempson
Charles Clempson
James Clempson
Henry Clempson
Thomas Clempson
Richard Clempson
David Clempson
Silas Clempson
Abraham Clempson
Frederick Clempson
Enoch Clempson
Edward Clempson
Cyril Clempson
Arthur Clempson
Percy Clempson
Horace Clempson
Enock Clempson
Elijah Clempson
Wiliam Clempson

Top female forenames

Mary Clempson
Sarah Clempson
Eliza Clempson
Amelia Clempson
Elizabeth Clempson
Ann Clempson
Emma Clempson
Annie Clempson
Harriet Clempson
Fanny Clempson
Rosa Clempson
Lilian Clempson
Katie Clempson
Ada Clempson
Sophia Clempson
Hannah Clempson
Ruth Clempson
Flora Clempson
Rosaline Clempson
Ethel Clempson
Rebecca Clempson
Nancy Clempson
Edith Clempson
Catharine Clempson
Louisa Clempson
Laura Clempson
Agnes Clempson
Florence Clempson
Rose Clempson
Phoebe Clempson
Minnie Clempson
Catherine Clempson
Martha Clempson

Top occupations

Works In Foundry
Farm Labourer
Coal Miner
Lab Ag
Labourer Agri
Labourer Brickyard
Labourer Cement Wks
Machinist (Boot)
Masons Labourer
Oilmans & Colorman Manager
Page Domestic Serv
Private R.Marine L.I.
Railway Platelayer
Servant Dom
Spectacle Maker
Tallow Chandler
Comber Tenter (C)
Ag Lab Waggoner
Agricultural Labourer
Bar Retailer
Bill Poster
Blanket Warper
Blanket Weaver
Chemists Assist
City Missionary
Coachman & Do (M)
Coachman ND
House Keeper
Dom Servt
Domestic Serv Groom
Errand Boy
Farm Lab
Farm Ser Indoor
Farmer Of 50 Acres 5 Men 1 Boy
Gen Servt Domestic
Gen Smith
General Servant
Ag Lab