Cleminshaw in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Henry Cleminshaw
D. Cleminshaw
Thomas Cleminshaw
Edward Cleminshaw
Charles Cleminshaw
W.T. Cleminshaw
Richard Cleminshaw
George Cleminshaw

Top female forenames

Mary Cleminshaw
Sarah Cleminshaw
Hannah Cleminshaw
Esther Cleminshaw
A.E. Cleminshaw
Lucy Cleminshaw
J. Cleminshaw
Francis Cleminshaw
Elizabeth Cleminshaw
Margreat Cleminshaw
Jane Cleminshaw

Top occupations

Labourers Wife
Shop Keeper
Science Master Teacher In King's School M. A. Oxford
Sailors Wife
Mechanic (22.2)
Locomotive Eng Driver (Ry)
Laundry Maid
Carpenter & Joiners Apprentice
Labourer In Tannery
Farmer Wife
Farmer Son
Farmer Of 100 Acres Of Land
Farmer Daur
Farmer & Publican Wife
Farmer & Publican