Carnelley in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Carnelley
Frank Carnelley
Albert Carnelley
Joseph Carnelley
Henry Carnelley
Francis Carnelley
William Carnelley
George Carnelley
Wm. Carnelley
Benjamin Carnelley
Walter Carnelley
Matthew Carnelley
Jaron Carnelley
Frederick Carnelley
Arthur Carnelley
Tom Carnelley
Samuel Carnelley
Joshua Carnelley
John Carnelley
James Carnelley

Top female forenames

Mary Carnelley
Sarah Carnelley
Kate Carnelley
Emma Carnelley
Annie Carnelley
Fanny Carnelley
Edith Carnelley
Ann Carnelley
Rosa Carnelley
Ada Carnelley
Martha Carnelley
Frances Carnelley
Elizabeth Carnelley
Eleanor Carnelley
Rose Carnelley
Alice Carnelley
Lucy Carnelley
Harriet Carnelley
Ellen Carnelley
Eliza Carnelley

Top occupations

Clerk Colliery Office
Farmers Son
Weigh Clerk
Student Medicine
Solicitors Clerk
Sewing Machinist (Seamstress)
Retired Gentleman Farm 210 Acres 5 Men
Ordinary Seaman
Iron Turner
Inspector Wife
Inspector Of Dockyards And Arsenal Superannuated Civil Servant
House Keeper
General Serv
Farmer Of 170 Acres
Farmer 67 Acres
Employing 2 Men & 1 Boy
Electro Plate Manufact Employing 7 Male 1 Female
Coal Merchant & Farmer 7 Acres
Coal Merchant
Buyer (5/1)
Boot & Shoe Manufacturer Employing 2 Men
Booksellers Assistant