Carkeek in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Carkeek
Stephen Carkeek
William Carkeek
George Carkeek
Amoretta Carkeek
Samuel Carkeek

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Carkeek
Mary Carkeek
Eliza Carkeek
Catherine Carkeek
Anie Carkeek
Tabitha Carkeek
Mabel Carkeek
Jane Carkeek
Fanny Carkeek
Ellen Carkeek
Annie Carkeek
Olivia Carkeek
Mable Carkeek
Julia Carkeek
Helena Carkeek
Evilyn Carkeek

Top occupations

Tin Miner
Tin Miner Labr
Tin Mine Labr
Shop Keeper & Hawker
Pupil Teacher
Parlour Maid
No Occupation
Masons Wife
Grocer Wife
Grocer Etc
Farmer Of 10 Acres
Copper Miners Wife
Copper Miners Widow
Cook Domes Serv
Clerk To Safety Fuse Co