Burnand in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Burnand
William Burnand
Henry Burnand
George Burnand
James Burnand
Robert Burnand
Richard Burnand
Walter Burnand
Arthur Burnand
Edward Burnand
Charles Burnand
Herbert Burnand
Francis Burnand
Percy Burnand
Lewis Burnand
Thomas Burnand
Aurther Burnand
Septimus Burnand
Alfred Burnand
Robt. Burnand
Frederick Burnand
Agustas Burnand
Frank Burnand
Philip Burnand
Ernest Burnand
Norman Burnand
Dennis Burnand
Willm.E. Burnand
Ivon Burnand
Benjamin Burnand
Theophilus Burnand
Samuel Burnand
Alexander Burnand
Fred Burnand
R.E. Burnand
Edwin Burnand
Edmund Burnand
Jno.W. Burnand
Cuthbert Burnand
J. Burnand
Bransby Burnand
Hugh Burnand

Top female forenames

Mary Burnand
Elizabeth Burnand
Ellen Burnand
Florence Burnand
Edith Burnand
Jane Burnand
Alice Burnand
Matilda Burnand
Emma Burnand
Kate Burnand
Sarah Burnand
Ada Burnand
Harriet Burnand
Fanny Burnand
Caroline Burnand
Louisa Burnand
Anne Burnand
Selina Burnand
Hannah Burnand
Gertrude Burnand
Emily Burnand
Ann Burnand
Ella Burnand
Sophia Burnand
Amelia Burnand
Hilda Burnand
Eliza Burnand
Nancy Burnand
H. Burnand
Dennice Burnand
Georgina Burnand
Demis Burnand
Marian Burnand
Clara Burnand
Mabel Burnand
Ethel Burnand
Emm.S. Burnand
Laura Burnand
Winifred Burnand
Amy Burnand
Helena Burnand
Eleanor Burnand
Rosina Burnand
Dorothy Burnand
DenLes Burnand
Martha Burnand
Constance Burnand
Margaret Burnand
Eva Burnand
Christina Burnand

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Skin Splitter
Errand Boy
Coach Trimmer
Coach Smith
Manufacturer Employ 5 Persons
Officers Servt (Dom)
Midshipman (Merchant Service)
Photographic Assistant & Teacher Of School Of Art
Mantle Maker
Managing Shoe Business
Living On Rents Dividennds
Outfitter Wife
Photographic Artist
General Servant Domestic
Railway Porter
Retired Chaser
Retired Underwriter
Sergeant Instructor Of Volunteers
Shoe Finisher
Worsted Weaver
Barrister Author
Boot & Shoe Maker
Boot Closer
Bowie Knife Hafter (Cutler)
Brass Finisher
Captain Fry Army ((...))
Card Cleaner (Text) (W Cloth)
Chaser (Metal Wkr)
Coachman (Hackney)
Gun Maker
Commercial Clerk
Domestic Serv
Engineer Artizan
Fancy Dealer
Foreman Brazier
General Dealer
Artist (Painter) (3/7)
Genl Labourer