Bristowe in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Bristowe
John Bristowe
George Bristowe
Thomas Bristowe
Henry Bristowe
Joseph Bristowe
Edward Bristowe
Samuel Bristowe
Arthur Bristowe
Frank Bristowe
James Bristowe
Robert Bristowe
Charles Bristowe
Walter Bristowe
Ernest Bristowe
Albert Bristowe
Alfred Bristowe
Harry Bristowe
Leonard Bristowe
Francis Bristowe
Horace Bristowe
Frederick Bristowe
David Bristowe
Alexr. Bristowe
Vivian Bristowe
Edwin Bristowe
A. Bristowe
Douglas Bristowe
Stephen Bristowe
Daniel Bristowe
Septimus Bristowe
Clarence Bristowe
Harold Bristowe
Percy Bristowe
Geo. Bristowe
March Bristowe
Wm. Bristowe
Lewis Bristowe
Alexander Bristowe
Tom Bristowe
A.W. Bristowe
Job Bristowe
Sydney Bristowe
Hubert Bristowe
Simeon Bristowe
Herbert Bristowe
Claude Bristowe
Chas. Bristowe
Richard Bristowe
Benjamin Bristowe

Top female forenames

Mary Bristowe
Sarah Bristowe
Ellen Bristowe
Alice Bristowe
Elizabeth Bristowe
Ann Bristowe
Edith Bristowe
Jane Bristowe
Annie Bristowe
Eliza Bristowe
Emma Bristowe
Louisa Bristowe
Emily Bristowe
Margaret Bristowe
Ada Bristowe
Fanny Bristowe
Caroline Bristowe
Martha Bristowe
Maria Bristowe
Florence Bristowe
Harriet Bristowe
Rose Bristowe
Lucy Bristowe
Frances Bristowe
Charlotte Bristowe
Agnes Bristowe
Henrietta Bristowe
Lydia Bristowe
Julia Bristowe
Susan Bristowe
Ethel Bristowe
Hannah Bristowe
Naomi Bristowe
Lilian Bristowe
Violet Bristowe
Florance Bristowe
Minnie Bristowe
Celia Bristowe
Kate Bristowe
Sylvia Bristowe
May Bristowe
Jessie Bristowe
Sibyl Bristowe
Eunice Bristowe
Matilda Bristowe
Betsy Bristowe
Harriett Bristowe
Rosetia Bristowe
Ellie Bristowe
Anna Bristowe

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Woollen Cloth Worker
Agricultural Labourer Son
Member Of Stock Exchange
Cotton Weaver
Straw Plaiter
Farm Labourer
General Servant
Agricultural Labourer Daur
Laborer (Ag)
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Iron Miner
General Laborer
House Painter
Hosiery Mender
Butcher And Grocer
Agricultural Labourer
Agricultural Labourer Wife
Public Elementary Sh Teacher
Cook (Dom)
Cook (D)
Cooper Candle Factory
Commission Agent Merchant
Cooper Cement Works
Cooper Candle Factory Wife
Carmans Boy
Coal Miner
Chemists Assistant
Cheesemongers Assist
Carman + Labourer
Bricklayers Widow
Brewers Traveller And Collector
Apprentice Fitter
Agricultural Labourer (Son)
Agri Laborer
Agl Lab