Brisbourne in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Brisbourne
Peter Brisbourne
Thomas Brisbourne
Alfred Brisbourne
George Brisbourne
Edward Brisbourne
Walter Brisbourne
Allen Brisbourne
Richard Brisbourne
Herbert Brisbourne
Harry Brisbourne
Frederick Brisbourne
Ernest Brisbourne
Charles Brisbourne
Bertie Brisbourne
Wallace Brisbourne
Allan Brisbourne
Robert Brisbourne
Albert Brisbourne
Henry Brisbourne
Frank Brisbourne
Cesil Brisbourne

Top female forenames

Mary Brisbourne
Sarah Brisbourne
Eliza Brisbourne
Ann Brisbourne
Susanah Brisbourne
Nellie Brisbourne
Lizze Brisbourne
Janett Brisbourne
Elizabeth Brisbourne
Edith Brisbourne
Alice Brisbourne
Laura Brisbourne
Emma Brisbourne

Top occupations

Farmers Wife
Farmers Son
Farmers Daughter
Outfitters Assistant (Tailor)
Grocers Shopman
Farmers Daur
Farmer Wife
Farmer Of 97 Acres Employing 1 Labourer
Farmer Of 60 Acres Employing 1 Labourer
Farmer Of 308 Acres Employing 3 Men & 3 Boys
Farmer 290 Acres One Lab And Four Men
Farmer 200 Acres
Farmer & Innkeeper (100 Acres Employeing 2 Men)
Farm Bailiff