Brining in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Brining
John Brining
Henry Brining
Thomas Brining
Charles Brining
Arther Brining
Adolphus Brining
Robert Brining
Laurence Brining
Clement Brining
Benjamin Brining
Alfred Brining
Walter Brining
Samuel Brining
Percy Brining
Joseph Brining
Herbert Brining
George Brining

Top female forenames

Annie Brining
Alice Brining
Sarah Brining
Susannah Brining
Mary Brining
Margaret Brining
Catherine Brining
Elizabeth Brining
Ann Brining
Agnes Brining
Henrietta Brining
Emily Brining
Eleanor Brining
Anne Brining
Margret Brining
Isabella Brining
Emma Brining
Christiana Brining

Top occupations

Slipper Maker
Fitter In Iron Foundry
Silk Factory Operative
Under Housemaid
Tea Dealer
Silk Winder
Silk Dresser
Shoe Manufactor (Master) (Employing 4 Men & 1 Boy)
Painter (House)
Linen Weaver
Hosiers Assistant
Hosier & Haberdasher
Hawker Of Woollens
Dress Maker
Chartered Accountant
Calico Printer
Butchers Assistant