Brimmacombe in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Brimmacombe
John Brimmacombe
Henry Brimmacombe
George Brimmacombe
Wm. Brimmacombe
James Brimmacombe
Harry Brimmacombe
Frederick Brimmacombe
Charles Brimmacombe
Edward Brimmacombe
Thomas Brimmacombe

Top female forenames

Mary Brimmacombe
Ann Brimmacombe
Eliza Brimmacombe
Jane Brimmacombe
Annie Brimmacombe
Sarah Brimmacombe
Alice Brimmacombe
Grace Brimmacombe
Florence Brimmacombe
Emelia Brimmacombe
Elizabeth Brimmacombe
Edith Brimmacombe
Susanna Brimmacombe
Rachel Brimmacombe
Kate Brimmacombe
Harriett Brimmacombe
Frances Brimmacombe
Fanny Brimmacombe
Ellen Brimmacombe

Top occupations

2 Cap Fore Top
Shipwright Carpenter
Rural Postman (CS Mess)
Plumber & Gas Fitter
Millers Horseman (Clerk)
Mason Lab
Manganese Miner (Other)
Leadg Seaman
Housemaid Unemployed
General Serv
Farm Servant
Farm Labr
Domestic Serv
Copper Miner Lab
Copper Miner
Colourer Of Prints (Dyer)
Charwoman ((Labourers Wife))
Carpenter (Apprentice)