Brignall in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Brignall
William Brignall
George Brignall
Thomas Brignall
Charles Brignall
James Brignall
Henry Brignall
Robert Brignall
Joseph Brignall
Frederick Brignall
Edward Brignall
Jacob Brignall
Samuel Brignall
Stephen Brignall
Richard Brignall
Cecil Brignall
Alfred Brignall
Abraham Brignall
Herbert Brignall
Walter Brignall
Sydney Brignall
Frank Brignall
Edwin Brignall
Edgar Brignall
Peter Brignall
Arthur Brignall
Adolphus Brignall
Jack Brignall
Francis Brignall
Saml. Brignall
Clifford Brignall
Mark Brignall

Top female forenames

Mary Brignall
Elizabeth Brignall
Jane Brignall
Sarah Brignall
Alice Brignall
Caroline Brignall
Emma Brignall
Ann Brignall
Edith Brignall
Emily Brignall
Martha Brignall
Ellen Brignall
Louisa Brignall
Charlotte Brignall
Hannah Brignall
Margaret Brignall
Eliza Brignall
Harriet Brignall
Annie Brignall
Fanny Brignall
Anna Brignall
Maude Brignall
Ada Brignall
Lexy Brignall
Eleanor Brignall
E. Brignall
Susanna Brignall
Harriett Brignall
Priscilla Brignall
Florence Brignall
Anne Brignall
Nancy Brignall
Ellenor Brignall
Adela Brignall
Elizth. Brignall
Lilian Brignall
Kate Brignall
Susannah Brignall
Isabella Brignall
Clara Brignall
Sophia Brignall
Catherine Brignall
Rachel Brignall
Frances Brignall
Olive Brignall

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Ag Labourer
Railway Clerk
General Servant
Fruiterers Assistant
Cotton Weaver
Artist (Musical)
General Labourer
Farmer Of 51 Acres Employing 4 Labourers
Farmers Wife
Agra Laborer
Ag. Lab.
G Serv Domestic
Gardener Dometic
Gass Pipe Layer
Farmer 221 Acres (Employ 6 Men 3 Boys)
Ag Laborer
Hay Cutter
Income From Landed Property
Ag Lab Wife
Inkeeper & Farmer 90 Acres Employ 2 Men 1 Boy
Inkeepers Wife
Laborers Wife
A B Seaman
Cook (Dom)
Brewers Clerk
Assistant Teacher
Cats Meat Provender
Clark (P O)
Coachman Domestic Serv
Colliery Joiner
Commercial Traveller
Commission Agent
Cooper & Bedding Manufacturer
Crape Weaver
Estate Agent (Ho)
Farm Labourer