Brighty in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Brighty
William Brighty
George Brighty
James Brighty
Frederick Brighty
Arthur Brighty
Thomas Brighty
Joseph Brighty
Herbert Brighty
Robert Brighty
Fred Brighty
Edward Brighty
Samuel Brighty
Alfred Brighty
Stephen Brighty
Richard Brighty
Henery Brighty
Abraham Brighty
R.J. Brighty
Louis Brighty
Elijah Brighty
David Brighty
Jacob Brighty
Charles Brighty
Walter Brighty
Isaac Brighty
Barnabas Brighty
Horatio Brighty
Allen Brighty
Robt. Brighty
Henry Brighty
Albert Brighty
Harry Brighty
Miles Brighty
L. Brighty
Ernest Brighty
Johnie Brighty
Charley Brighty
J.Wiltshire Brighty
Benjamin Brighty
Howard Brighty

Top female forenames

Mary Brighty
Elizabeth Brighty
Sarah Brighty
Ann Brighty
Emily Brighty
Eliza Brighty
Emma Brighty
Hannah Brighty
Annie Brighty
Edith Brighty
Jane Brighty
Alice Brighty
Anna Brighty
Maria Brighty
Lizzie Brighty
Charlotte Brighty
Ada Brighty
Cecila Brighty
Caroline Brighty
Ellen Brighty
Rebecca Brighty
Catherine Brighty
Esther Brighty
Margeret Brighty
Ruth Brighty
Mabel Brighty
Rosenia Brighty
Louisa Brighty
Rosa Brighty
Lily Brighty
Delilah Brighty
Rachel Brighty
L. Brighty
Priscilla Brighty
Julia Brighty
Matilda Brighty
Susan Brighty
Bessie Brighty
Martha Brighty
Fanny Brighty
Sissie Brighty
Sabina Brighty
Amy Brighty
Mahala Brighty
Rosina Brighty
Agnes Brighty
Lydia Brighty
Rose Brighty
Dorcas Brighty
Laura Brighty

Top occupations

Ag Lab
General Servant
Ag Labs Daur
Cotton Winder
Living In Poor House
Brewers Agent
Farmers Wife
Wife Of Butcher
Corn Merch & Agrici. Manure Manufacturer
Domestic Servt
Driver Of Traction Engine (Ag Mach Attendt)
Engine Fitter
Farm Labourer
Domestic Servant
Farmer Of 289 Acres Employing 4 Men & 2 Boys
Farmer Of 50 Acres Employing One Man
Farmer Wife
Farmers Daughter
Farmers Widow
Fireman Cotton Mill
Formerly A Domestic
Formerly Woodman
G.Servant (Domestic)
Gardener Domestic Servant
Gen Lab
Butchers Drover
Ag Lab Formerly
Ag Lab Wife
Ag Labs Wife
Agr Lab
Agricultural Laborer
Blacksmith Lab
Brewers Laborer
Brewers Labourer
Dealer In China
Carriers Wife
Coach Builder
Commercial Traveller
Confectioners Counterman