Bittleston in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Edwin Bittleston
William Bittleston
Edward Bittleston
John Bittleston
Fredk. Bittleston
Adam Bittleston
Herbert Bittleston
Francis Bittleston

Top female forenames

Ellen Bittleston
Mary Bittleston
Edith Bittleston
Anna Bittleston
A.P. Bittleston
R.A. Bittleston
Martha Bittleston
L.A. Bittleston
Jennet Bittleston
Ellinor Bittleston
Eliza Bittleston
Clara Bittleston
Alice Bittleston
Margaret Bittleston
Julia Bittleston
Isabella Bittleston

Top occupations

Vicar's Wife
Vicar's Daur
Vicar Of South Stainley
Taxidermist & French Polisher
Ship Draughtsman (Builder)
Retired Indian ? Judge
No Occupation
Ladys Maid Domestic Servant
House Boy
Weigher Of Goods At Factory