Beney in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Beney
James Beney
Henry Beney
John Beney
Albert Beney
George Beney
Thomas Beney
Edward Beney
Frank Beney
Harry Beney
Alfred Beney
Edmund Beney
Walter Beney
Samuel Beney
Charles Beney
Arthur Beney
Fredk. Beney
Willm. Beney
Fred.J. Beney
W. Beney
Ernest Beney
Stephen Beney
Benjamin Beney
Horace Beney
Amos Beney
Fredk.George Beney
Wm. Beney
Frederick Beney
Willie Beney
Fred. Beney
Francis Beney

Top female forenames

Annie Beney
Mary Beney
Ellen Beney
Sarah Beney
Elizabeth Beney
Caroline Beney
Eliza Beney
Hannah Beney
Frances Beney
Emma Beney
Harriet Beney
Ann Beney
Georgiana Beney
Fanny Beney
Emily Beney
Matilda Beney
Alice Beney
Louisa Beney
Henrietta Beney
Barbara Beney
Rosa Beney
Margaret Beney
Flossie Beney
Lizzie Beney
Laura Beney
Esther Beney
Kate Beney
Jane Beney
Henriette Beney
Harriett Beney
Martha Beney
Florence Beney
Lily Beney
Eunice Beney
Kezia Beney
Josephine Beney
Infant Beney
Susette Beney

Top occupations

Painter And Glazier
Childs Nurse Domestic Serv.
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servt
Farm Labourer
Boy 2nd Class
Gas Fitter
General Laborer
Gardener Domestic
Gen Serv
Gas Stoker
Gardener Domestic Serv
Gas Lab
General Smith
General Labourer
Labr General
Labourer In Lime
Laborer In Brickfield
Kitchen Maid
Ironmonger Assistant
House Painter
H Maid
Groom Domestic Serv
Groom D
Groom 8 1
Gardener (M)
Carpenters Apprentice
Cab Driver
Bricklrs Labourer
Bricklayer Training In R.S.A.M.
Warehouse Man
Cement Laborer
Coachman Unemployed Dom
Coal Merchant Labourer
Game Keeper
Eatinghouse Keeper
Driller In Engine Factory(E&M)
Domestic Serv
Cowkeeper Milkseller
Cook Serv Domestic
Commercial Traveller