Bartlem in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Bartlem
John Bartlem
William Bartlem
Robert Bartlem
Joseph Bartlem
Henry Bartlem
Charles Bartlem
Thomas Bartlem
Levi Bartlem
Hannah Bartlem
Daniel Bartlem

Top female forenames

Mary Bartlem
Sarah Bartlem
Elizabeth Bartlem
Annie Bartlem
Edith Bartlem
Eliza Bartlem
Susannah Bartlem
Abigail Bartlem
Ruth Bartlem
Lousea Bartlem
Harriet Bartlem
Emma Bartlem
Ann Bartlem
Minnie Bartlem
Maria Bartlem
Lily Bartlem
Fanny Bartlem
Emily Bartlem

Top occupations

General Servant
Shop Assistant Tailor
Shop Assistant Glass Warehouse (Dlr)
Potters Transferrer
Potters Paintress
Lab At Candle Works
Inn Keeper and Farmers Wife
Inn Keeper and Farmer
Bar Maid
General Labourer
Gen Domestic Serv
Farm Servant
Dairymaid (Ag)
Dairy Girl
Cook D
Carter & Coal Dealer
Cabinet Brass Founder
Button Maker
Brick Worker