Barsley in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Barsley
James Barsley
George Barsley
William Barsley
Edward Barsley
Joseph Barsley
Thomas Barsley
Frank Barsley
Charles Barsley
Isaac Barsley
Henry Barsley
Edwd. Barsley
Robert Barsley
David Barsley
Longbottom Barsley
Bertram Barsley
Leonard Barsley
Jack Barsley
Willy Barsley
Herbert Barsley
Harry Barsley
Robt. Barsley
Reginald Barsley
Leyland Barsley
Wm.Hy. Barsley
Willm. Barsley
Walter Barsley
Rowland Barsley

Top female forenames

Mary Barsley
Elizabeth Barsley
Sarah Barsley
Hannah Barsley
Frances Barsley
Emma Barsley
Annie Barsley
Ann Barsley
Rebecca Barsley
Charlotte Barsley
Harriet Barsley
Alice Barsley
Euphimea Barsley
Agnes Barsley
Esther Barsley
Priscilla Barsley
Ellen Barsley
Eliza Barsley
Louisa Barsley
Jane Barsley
Catherine Barsley
Isabella Barsley
Blanche Barsley
Anne Barsley
Susan Barsley
Rose Barsley
Estiel Barsley
Rachael Barsley
Polly Barsley
Margt. Barsley
Edith Barsley
Kate Barsley
Charlott Barsley
Isador Barsley
Caroline Barsley
Harriett Barsley

Top occupations

Worsted Spinner
Mechanic (S/M)
Hatter (Apprentice)
Hatter (Hat Trimmer)
General Serv
Horseman (Ag Lab)
Housekeeper (Dom)
Housekeeper (Office)
Iron Turner
Laborer Iron works
Grocers Warehouseman
Mission Lady
Operative (F H Text)
Packing Clerk
Parer At Oil Mill
Police Constable Policeman
Police Constable Wife
Printer 9/1
Saddler Employing 4 Men & 2 Boys
Shoe Maker
Cook (Dom)
Agricultural Labourer
Boiler Maker
Bricklayers Labr
Cabinet Maker
Cashier Wife
Cloth Finisher
Coal Miner
Comedian Actor
Grocers Assistant
Domestic Servant (Nurse)
Domestic Servant Formerly
Dress Maker
Factory Striker (B Smith)
Farm Labourer (Ag Lab)
Farmer 118 Acres Employ 3 Men
Gen Lab
Gen Serv Out Of Employ
General Labourer