Ayris in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Ayris
William Ayris
John Ayris
Joseph Ayris
Henry Ayris
Albert Ayris
Edwin Ayris
George Ayris
Robert Ayris
Frederick Ayris
James Ayris
Richard Ayris
Dathan Ayris
Arthur Ayris
Job Ayris
Jack Ayris
Thos.Wm. Ayris
Gordon Ayris
Fredric Ayris
Percy Ayris
F. Ayris
Mark Ayris
Josh. Ayris
Charles Ayris
Alfred Ayris
Willm. Ayris
Walter Ayris
Thos. Ayris
T. Ayris
Fredk. Ayris
Frederic Ayris
Mary Ayris
Ernest Ayris
Josiah Ayris

Top female forenames

Mary Ayris
Annie Ayris
Sarah Ayris
Ann Ayris
Ellen Ayris
Jane Ayris
Elizabeth Ayris
Caroline Ayris
Emma Ayris
Martha Ayris
Eliza Ayris
Rose Ayris
Emily Ayris
Christal Ayris
Thirza Ayris
Hellen Ayris
Anne Ayris
Harriet Ayris
Ada Ayris
Rosa Ayris
Flora Ayris
Rebecca Ayris
Mildred Ayris
Matilda Ayris
Elizth. Ayris
Louisa Ayris
Charlotte Ayris
Theresa Ayris
Helen Ayris
Florie Ayris
Rebekah Ayris
Fanny Ayris
Phebe Ayris
Maud Ayris
Ella Ayris
Maria Ayris
Lily Ayris

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Agr Lab
((Ag Lab))
Boot Laster
Lace Maker
Brick Yd Lab
Stone Mason
Interest Of Money Invested On Mortgage
Horse Keeper
Iron Moulder
Lace Mender
Lodging House Keeper
Mantle Maker
Millers Labour (C)
Nurse To Invalids (S M S)
Packer (Fac L)
Parlour Maid
Pearl Worker (Goldsmith)
Porters Wife
Pupil Civil Engineer
Railway Labourer
Ag Labourer
Coal Miner
Assistant (G S)
Black Ink Maker
Boot Maker
Brokers Man
Chief Clerk Inland Revenue Excise
Civil Engineer Member Inst C E
Clerk H.M. Customs (CS)
Coachman Domestic
Housemaid (D S)
Domestic (Sert)
Domestic Servant
Draper's Assistant
Dress Maker
Formerly Charwoman
Ho Md Domes Serv