Archbutt in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Archbutt
Thomas Archbutt
William Archbutt
Abel Archbutt
Leonard Archbutt
Edward Archbutt

Top female forenames

Fanny Archbutt
Elizabeth Archbutt
Adelaide Archbutt
Sarah Archbutt
Nellie Archbutt
Maria Archbutt
Lois Archbutt
Frances Archbutt
Emily Archbutt
Edith Archbutt
Phoebe Archbutt
Mary Archbutt
Lucy Archbutt
Jessie Archbutt

Top occupations

Market Gardener
Clerk In A Parochial Office
Farmer Of 60 Acres Of Land
Housekeeper (Dom)
Interest Of Money
Pawnbroker & Optician
Tea & Wine Merchant
Undergraduate Analtical Chemist London Univerity