Arbuckle in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Joseph Arbuckle
James Arbuckle
John Arbuckle
Hugh Arbuckle
George Arbuckle
Andrew Arbuckle
Charles Arbuckle
Archibald Arbuckle
Robert Arbuckle
Francis Arbuckle
Bertram Arbuckle
William Arbuckle
Robt. Arbuckle
Alexander Arbuckle
Henry Arbuckle
Ernest Arbuckle
Wm. Arbuckle
Walter Arbuckle
Andren Arbuckle
Harry Arbuckle
Edmund Arbuckle
Wm.A. Arbuckle

Top female forenames

Mary Arbuckle
Margaret Arbuckle
Elizabeth Arbuckle
Annie Arbuckle
Jessie Arbuckle
Martha Arbuckle
Ann Arbuckle
Jemima Arbuckle
Effie Arbuckle
Marion Arbuckle
Julia Arbuckle
Agnes Arbuckle
Jannet Arbuckle
Honora Arbuckle
Grace Arbuckle
Wilhelmina Arbuckle
Ellen Arbuckle
Sibyl Arbuckle
Edith Arbuckle
Judith Arbuckle
Isabella Arbuckle
Helen Arbuckle
Emma Arbuckle
Susan Arbuckle
Elizth.A. Arbuckle

Top occupations

General Servant Domestic
Daur Of Above
Doctor Of Medicine
Late Capt 3rd Regiment
Iron Ship Wright
Locomotive Engine Driver (Rly)
Lt Col R A Active List
Pastry Baker Cook
Pensioner & Funds
Plater In Ship Yard
Property Master
Retired Harbour Master
Retired Marine Engineer
Ship Plater (Ship Bldr)
Son Of Above
Wife Of Above
Wife Of Major Arbuckle R.A.
Carpenter & Joiner
Commercial Traveller Beer
Curate Est Church
Cutler Employing 1 Man
Lab Gen
Farm Servant (Ag Lab)
Flannel Weaver
Fruit Salesman
Fruit Salesman's Wife
In Pensioner
Barman(Inn Serv)