Apsey in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Apsey
John Apsey
Joseph Apsey
William Apsey
Henry Apsey
Albert Apsey
Thomas Apsey
Alfred Apsey
Harry Apsey
Charles Apsey
James Apsey
Robert Apsey
Edwin Apsey
Arthur Apsey
Edward Apsey
Clarence Apsey
Aveling Apsey
Israel Apsey
Wm. Apsey
Her. Apsey
Abel Apsey
Wallis Apsey
Geo.Hy. Apsey
Samuel Apsey
Frank Apsey
E. Apsey
Job Apsey
Herbert Apsey
Tom. Apsey
Stephen Apsey
Frederick Apsey
Saml. Apsey
Ernest Apsey
Orlando Apsey
Jeremiah Apsey

Top female forenames

Mary Apsey
Sarah Apsey
Elizabeth Apsey
Ellen Apsey
Alice Apsey
Amelia Apsey
Emily Apsey
Rose Apsey
Anne Apsey
Eliza Apsey
Martha Apsey
Annie Apsey
Julia Apsey
Emma Apsey
Agnes Apsey
Laura Apsey
Jane Apsey
Maud Apsey
Harriet Apsey
Frances Apsey
Jessie Apsey
Harriett Apsey
Loveania Apsey
Florence Apsey
Tryphena Apsey
Lois Apsey
Susan Apsey
Kate Apsey
Rebecca Apsey
Joseph Apsey
Clara Apsey
Minnie Apsey
Catherine Apsey
Hellen Apsey
Bessy Apsey
Margarette Apsey
Ann Apsey
Louisa Apsey
Esther Apsey
Susana Apsey
Lillian Apsey
Sousoun Apsey
Kezia Apsey
Edith Apsey
Rachel Apsey
Charlotte Apsey
May Apsey
Ida Apsey
Caroline Apsey
Bessie Apsey

Top occupations

Horsehair Weaver
Trimming Maker
Engine Fitter
General Labourer
Carpenter And Joiner
Farm Labourer
Farmer 130 Acres Empy 2 Men & 1 Boy
Farmer Of 140 Acres
Farmers Wife
Foreman Flax Spinner
Forgeman At Forge
Forgeman Wife
General (Domestic)
Farm Lab
Genl Lab
Genrl Serv.
Builder & Estate Agent
Brass Finisher
Grocer & Baker Employing 1 Man & 1 Boy
Gun Smith
Assistant Grocer
Artist Assistant
Die Fitter
Clerk - Nail Trade
Clerk Floorcloth Works
Coal Miner
Collar Worker (Shirt)
Commercial Traveller
Work At Home
Currier In Leather
Cashier Cooperative Stores
Dolls Dress Maker
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servt
Dress Maker
Agent Of Military Works
Elementary School
Engine Driver
Carriage Painter