Apperly in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Apperly
William Apperly
Thomas Apperly
George Apperly
Alfred Apperly
Joseph Apperly
Albert Apperly
Edwin Apperly
David Apperly
Charles Apperly
Arthur Apperly
Alexander Apperly
Henry Apperly
Alaric Apperly
Frank Apperly
Ernest Apperly
Earnest Apperly
Orlands Apperly
Daniel Apperly
Moreton Apperly
Barnet Apperly
Herbert Apperly
Harold Apperly
Fred Apperly
Francis Apperly
Thos. Apperly
Percival Apperly
Nathan Apperly
Michael Apperly

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Apperly
Alice Apperly
Ellen Apperly
Eliza Apperly
Rosa Apperly
Lucy Apperly
Patience Apperly
Emily Apperly
Beatrice Apperly
Annie Apperly
Rose Apperly
Gertrude Apperly
Ethel Apperly
Ada Apperly
Mary Apperly
Emma Apperly
Maria Apperly
Lily Apperly
Edith Apperly
Jessie Apperly
Bertha Apperly
Isabel Apperly
Averina Apperly
Winifred Apperly
Hannah Apperly
Ann Apperly
Rosannah Apperly
Fanny Apperly
Agnes Apperly
Esther Apperly
Martha Apperly
Mabel Apperly
Louisa Apperly
Eleanor Apperly
Laura Apperly
Charlotte Apperly
James Apperly
Harriet Apperly

Top occupations

General Labourer
General Servant
Helper At Manufactory
Hot Water Engineer (Ho & S)
House Maid
Labourer At Dye Works
Land Surveyors Pupil
General Laborer
Railway Carman
Retired Shopkeeper
Warehouse Man
Woolen Mercht
Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Master Employing 50 Men 113 Women 41 Boys & Girls
Dock Porter Wife
Ag Lab
Agr Lab
Agr Labourer
Butchers Labourer
Carter Wife
Cloth Manufacturer
Dock Porter
(Com) Traveller
Domestic Serv
Engine Driver Woolen Cloth Factory
Errand Boy
Farmer 280 Acres 10 Men & 3 Boys
Farmer Of 60 Acres 2 Men 1 Boy
Farmers Daur
Farmers Son
Feeder Woollen Cloth Factory
Formerly Hawker
Gen Labourer