Apperley in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Apperley
George Apperley
Charles Apperley
James Apperley
John Apperley
Henry Apperley
Thomas Apperley
Albert Apperley
Alfred Apperley
Joseph Apperley
Edward Apperley
Frederick Apperley
Richard Apperley
Edwin Apperley
Robert Apperley
Orman Apperley
Francis Apperley
Adam Apperley
Newton Apperley
Ernest Apperley
Matthew Apperley
Mark Apperley
Edgar Apperley
Dolphus Apperley
Benjamin Apperley
Wilfred Apperley
Allen Apperley
Morley Apperley
Emmanuel Apperley
Marshall Apperley
Louis Apperley
Ebenezer Apperley
Jonah Apperley
Joe Apperley
Arthur Apperley
Walter Apperley
Jacob Apperley
Samuel Apperley
Harry Apperley

Top female forenames

Mary Apperley
Elizabeth Apperley
Sarah Apperley
Eliza Apperley
Emma Apperley
Alice Apperley
Jane Apperley
Ann Apperley
Emily Apperley
Annie Apperley
Ellen Apperley
Rose Apperley
Charlotte Apperley
Harriet Apperley
Caroline Apperley
Florence Apperley
Esther Apperley
Jessie Apperley
Clara Apperley
Priscilla Apperley
Catherine Apperley
Anne Apperley
Amelia Apperley
Selina Apperley
Adelaide Apperley
Rosa Apperley
Maria Apperley
Louisa Apperley
Lavinia Apperley
Ada Apperley
Delila Apperley
Rebbeca Apperley
Helen Apperley
Olive Apperley
Maud Apperley
Eva Apperley
Amy Apperley
Margaret Apperley
Theresa Apperley
Lillie Apperley
Agnes Apperley
Laura Apperley
Ella Apperley
Rosetta Apperley
Henrietta Apperley
Harriett Apperley
Mira Apperley
Hannah Apperley
Matilda Apperley
Fanny Apperley

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
Agricultural Labourer
Woollen Cloth Worker
Farm Labourer
Cook (Dom)
Domestic Serv
Stone Mason
Farmers Wife
Laburnham Brewery
Brass Polisher
Farmer 16 Acres Occupying 1 Man
Farmers Son
Farming 127 Ac 2 Lab
Farmer Wife
Dye Worker (Woollen)
Engine Fitter At Works
Errand Boy
Farm Bailiff
Farmer Of 100 Acres
Farmer 323 Acres 5 Men 3 Boys
Farmer 3 Acres
Farmer 11 Acres
Carpenters Wife
Dealer In Shoes
Bank Clerk Cirencester
Boot Shop Salesman
Brewers Assistant
Builder & Horse Dealer
Carpenter Apprentice
Chare Woman
Chimney Sweeper
Cloth Worker
Cook Domestic Servant
Cotton Weaver
Curate Of All Saints Snodland