Anyon in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Anyon
James Anyon
William Anyon
Thomas Anyon
Robert Anyon
Charles Anyon
Joseph Anyon
Henry Anyon
George Anyon
Frederick Anyon
Ernest Anyon
Richard Anyon
Miles Anyon
David Anyon
Peter Anyon
Lewis Anyon
Alexander Anyon
Samuel Anyon
Edmund Anyon
Clement Anyon
Arthur Anyon
Katie Anyon
Hugh Anyon
Harry Anyon
Edwin Anyon

Top female forenames

Mary Anyon
Margaret Anyon
Elizabeth Anyon
Sarah Anyon
Hannah Anyon
Jane Anyon
Clara Anyon
Alice Anyon
Florence Anyon
Ann Anyon
Agnes Anyon
Ellen Anyon
Anne Anyon
Beatrice Anyon
Isabel Anyon
Frances Anyon
Emma Anyon
Sussannah Anyon
Robert Anyon
Eliza Anyon
Nancy Anyon
Ebth. Anyon
Betsy Anyon
Harriet Anyon
Grace Anyon
Emily Anyon
Pricilla Anyon
Ede Anyon
Lydia Anyon

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
No Occupation
Flax Spinner
Ag Lab
Railway Engine Driver
Gas Fitter
Farm Labourer
Domestic Servant
Dom Serv
Ship Carpenter
Candle Maker
Ag Lab Wife
Gen Lab
Cotton Striper & Grinder
Assistant In Oil Shop (Miller)
Cotton Weaver (Unemp)
Apprentice To Jeweller
Apprentice Mould Maker Pottery
Apprentice Boiler Maker
Agent (Unemployed)
Formerly Dress Maker
Auditors Clerk (Comm)
General Serv (Dom)
Ag Lab Son
Housemaid (Domestic)
Iron Miner
Ag Lab Daur
Coal Dealers Son
Boatman Daur
Boot & Shoe Maker
Bricklayers Lab
Bricklayers Labourer
Blanket Weaver
Coal Dealer
Coal Dealers Daur
Coal Dealers Wife
Coal Miner
Coal Miners Wife
Commercial Traveller
Commercial Traveller Wife
Cotton Creeler
Blacksmith Striker