Aldersley in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Aldersley
William Aldersley
Peter Aldersley
Joseph Aldersley
James Aldersley
Anthony Aldersley
Arthur Aldersley
George Aldersley
Thomas Aldersley
Alfred Aldersley
Edmund Aldersley
Edward Aldersley
Harry Aldersley
Albert Aldersley
David Aldersley
Herbert Aldersley
Wm. Aldersley
Jno. Aldersley
Jerry Aldersley
Charles Aldersley
Henry Aldersley
Pym Aldersley
Nathan Aldersley
Frederick Aldersley
Antony Aldersley
Moses Aldersley
Ernest Aldersley
Wilson Aldersley
Lawrence Aldersley
Emmet Aldersley
Thos. Aldersley
Jim Aldersley
Ed. Aldersley
Squire Aldersley
Jerem. Aldersley
Robert Aldersley
Burker Aldersley
Rd. Aldersley
Hartley Aldersley
Bateman Aldersley
Aron Aldersley
Natha Aldersley
Francis Aldersley
Laycock Aldersley
Ephraim Aldersley
Willm. Aldersley
Alexander Aldersley
Walter Aldersley
Edgar Aldersley
Earnest Aldersley

Top female forenames

Mary Aldersley
Elizabeth Aldersley
Sarah Aldersley
Ellen Aldersley
Margaret Aldersley
Alice Aldersley
Jane Aldersley
Martha Aldersley
Elizth. Aldersley
Hannah Aldersley
Fanny Aldersley
Isabella Aldersley
Emily Aldersley
Nancy Aldersley
Maria Aldersley
Ada Aldersley
Eliza Aldersley
Betty Aldersley
Annie Aldersley
Ann Aldersley
Rebecca Aldersley
Kate Aldersley
Florence Aldersley
Margreat Aldersley
Ruth Aldersley
Adelina Aldersley
Margareat Aldersley
Rose Aldersley
Laura Aldersley
Prudence Aldersley
Duella Aldersley
Peace Aldersley
Henerietta Aldersley
Charlotte Aldersley
Minnie Aldersley
Fredericka Aldersley
Susannah Aldersley
Margt. Aldersley
Emma Aldersley
Agnes Aldersley
Rosetta Aldersley
Adelena Aldersley
Lavinia Aldersley
Edith Aldersley
Prisella Aldersley
Clara Aldersley
Orabella Aldersley
Harriet Aldersley
Cecila Aldersley
Miranda Aldersley

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Worsted Weaver
Peicer (Worsted)
Factory Girl (Stuff)
Farmers Son
Worsted Spinner
Weft Room
Letter Press Printer
Spinner Operative (Wor)
Cotton Rover
Cotton Factory Mule Spinner
Weaver Cotton
House Keeper
Weaver (Cotton)
Cotton Weaver Wife
Farmer 45 Acres
Worsted Weaver WC
Farmer Wife
Farmer Of 97 Acres
Envelope Maker
Farmer Of 28 Acres
Exam Officer Customs
Farmer Daughter
Farmer 64 Ac
Factory Hand (Stuff Unemployed)
Cotton Factory Hand Rover
Ag Laborer (Unempld)
Agricul Lab
Army Chelsea.Pensioner
Assistant Grocer
Assisted (Earthenware)
C Weaver
Cab Driver
Dyers Labourer
Cotton Mule Spinner
Cotton Packer
Cotton Taper
Cotton Weaver Half Time
Cotton Winder
Doffer Spinner Operative
Dog & Partridge Licensed Victualler