Acland in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Acland
Thomas Acland
William Acland
Charles Acland
Henry Acland
Walter Acland
Frank Acland
James Acland
Albert Acland
Reginald Acland
Arthur Acland
Robert Acland
Philip Acland
Francis Acland
Edward Acland
Bertram Acland
Benjamin Acland
T.D. Acland
George Acland
Saml Acland
Freddy Acland
Peter Acland
Edwin Acland
Leopold Acland
Edmund Acland
Chas Acland
Thos Acland
Hugh Acland
Benjn. Acland
Theodore Acland
Harry Acland
Samuel Acland
Frederick Acland
Fred Acland
Percy Acland
Lawford Acland
Cuthbert Acland
Jas. Acland
Charlie Acland
Isaac Acland

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Acland
Mary Acland
Ellen Acland
Sarah Acland
Martha Acland
Emily Acland
Laura Acland
Florence Acland
Alice Acland
Eliza Acland
Jane Acland
Margaret Acland
Caroline Acland
Annie Acland
Amelia Acland
Elizth. Acland
Harriet Acland
Frances Acland
Maud Acland
Ethel Acland
Alina Acland
Agnes Acland
Ella Acland
Ada Acland
Julia Acland
Elen Acland
Jessie Acland
E.M. Acland
Sussanah Acland
Harriett Acland
Gertrude Acland
Rolina Acland
Emma Acland
Maria Acland
Adelaide Acland
Lilian Acland
Kate Acland
Joanna Acland
Edith Acland
Charlotte Acland
Susan Acland
Carlotta Acland
Rosa Acland
Ann Acland

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Lodging Housekeeper
Grocers Wife
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Farmer Of 150 Acres Emp 3 Men
Farmers Son
Flower Maker Artf
French Polisher
Wife Of Mr Acland Senior Student Christ Church Coll Oxford
General Domes Serv
General Serv Domestic
Grocer & Draper Employing One Assistant 1 Apprentice & 1 Errand Boy
Farm Labourer
Housekeeper To Her Father
Housemaid (Domestic Servant)
Agricultural Labourer
Ironmonger (Ironmonger)
Landed Proprietor
Ag Labr
Com Travlr (Hair)
Bank Manager
Bank Manager Wife
Baronet Member Of Parliament Magistrate Major Of Yeomary
Booksellers Apprentice
Burser Of Christ Church
C Of House
Cabinet Maker
Com Traveller
B A Oxon Student At Law
Commercial Traveller Drapers
Cook (Dom Serv)
Domestic (Cook)
Domestic Serv
Ag Lab
Auctioners Clerk