Abdale in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Abdale
William Abdale
George Abdale
Alfred Abdale
Charles Abdale
Thomas Abdale
Leonard Abdale
Randolph Abdale
Mathew Abdale
Philip Abdale

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Abdale
Sarah Abdale
Margaret Abdale
Mary Abdale
Jane Abdale
Charlotte Abdale
Anne Abdale
Ada Abdale
Margaretta Abdale
Clara Abdale
Annie Abdale
Ann Abdale
Maud Abdale
Maria Abdale
Fannie Abdale
Eliza Abdale

Top occupations

Tinplate Worker
Servant General (Dom)
Architects Clerk
Nurse (Sub Med)
Nurse Domastic Sevr Unpld
Office Keeper
Servant General
Servants Wife
Solicitors Articled Clerk
Stocktaker Ironworks
Tin Plate Worker
Warehousewoman At Lamp Works
Mason Wife
Mason (Stone)
Assistant Bath Keeper
Blacksmith Unemployed
Brass Dresser
Cab Proprietor
Clerk Solicitors Managing
Groom (Dom)
Groom Wife
Horse Trainers Widow
Iron Merchants Clerk
Joiners Apprentice
Machinist Engine Works
Wife Of Brass Dresser