Abberley in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Abberley
George Abberley
Thomas Abberley
John Abberley
Richard Abberley
Samuel Abberley
Charles Abberley
James Abberley
Frederick Abberley
Edward Abberley
Joseph Abberley
Arthur Abberley
Henry Abberley
Benjamin Abberley
Willm. Abberley
Ben Abberley
Wm. Abberley
Humphrey Abberley
Alfred Abberley
Herbert Abberley
Saml. Abberley
Rupert Abberley
Edwin Abberley
Chas. Abberley
Jno. Abberley
Humphry Abberley
Humphey Abberley
Walter Abberley
Fredrick Abberley
S.J. Abberley
Ernest Abberley
Robert Abberley
Edwd. Abberley
Peter Abberley
David Abberley

Top female forenames

Mary Abberley
Sarah Abberley
Elizabeth Abberley
Eliza Abberley
Ann Abberley
Ellen Abberley
Gertrude Abberley
Anne Abberley
Ada Abberley
Beatrice Abberley
Amey Abberley
Eleanor Abberley
Priscilla Abberley
Jane Abberley
Clara Abberley
Harriet Abberley
Florence Abberley
Annie Abberley
Amy Abberley
Lucy Abberley
Alice Abberley
Edith Abberley
Harriett Abberley
Hannah Abberley
Caroline Abberley
Myra Abberley
Frances Abberley
Martha Abberley
Emma Abberley
Lydia Abberley
Leah Abberley
Robertina Abberley
Adelaide Abberley
Katherine Abberley
Abergail Abberley
Pattie Abberley
Catherine Abberley
Naomi Abberley
Betsey Abberley
Maud Abberley
Fanny Abberley
Maria Abberley
Emily Abberley
Selina Abberley
Rosa Abberley
Laura Abberley
Elisabeth Abberley
Rachael Abberley
Jessie Abberley
Pricilla Abberley

Top occupations

No Occupation
Farmer Son
Kitchen Maid
(Boot) Finisher
Coal Miner
Shopks Daur
Farmer Wife
Farmers Wife
General Laborer
Railway Servt
Agl Lab
General Servant
Horse Breaker
Wife Of Railway Servt
Footman (Domestic S)
Hay Tee (Ag)
Gardners Widow
General Lab
Genl Labourer
General Servant (Dom)
General Labourer
Cook (Dom)
Boot Putter Up
Brewers Labourer
Cab Proprieter
Chemists Boy
Copper Smith
Currier & Publican
Domestic Servant
Engine Fitter
Farm Servant (Indr)
Farmer 16 Acres
Farmer 29 Acres 1 Boy
Farmer 90 Acrs
Farmer Daughter
Farmer Of 36 Acres