Westby in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Westby
John Westby
George Westby
Thomas Westby
Henry Westby
James Westby
Robert Westby
Joseph Westby
Edward Westby
Arthur Westby
Peter Westby
Ernest Westby
Ashley Westby
Fredk. Westby
Paul Westby
Jno. Westby
Charles Westby
Edmund Westby
Archibald Westby
Albert Westby
Richard Westby
Francis Westby
Elijah Westby
Joe Westby
Daniel Westby
Wm.Hubert Westby
Jas. Westby
Benjamin Westby
Tom Westby
Aloysius Westby
Frederick Westby
Josh. Westby
Edwin Westby
Jocelyn Westby
Clifton Westby
Jessie Westby
Benjm. Westby
Wm. Westby
Walter Westby
Harry Westby

Top female forenames

Mary Westby
Elizabeth Westby
Sarah Westby
Ellen Westby
Ann Westby
Alice Westby
Hannah Westby
Margaret Westby
Emma Westby
Eliza Westby
Catherine Westby
Agnes Westby
Jane Westby
Annie Westby
Edith Westby
Florence Westby
Isabella Westby
Martha Westby
Anne Westby
Elizth. Westby
Teresa Westby
Kate Westby
Susan Westby
Selina Westby
Helena Westby
Charlotte Westby
Katherine Westby
Susannah Westby
Julia Westby
Eliz. Westby
Sharlot Westby
Helen Westby
Clara Westby
My.Ann Westby
Cecily Westby
Matilda Westby
Caroline Westby
Ethel Westby
Beatrice Westby
Emily Westby
Lena Westby
Eleanor Westby
Dinah Westby
Rose Westby
Harriet Westby
My.Alice Westby
Grace Westby
Fanny Westby
Bertha Westby
Maria Westby

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Lace Maker
Cotton Spinner
Farmers Son
Cotton Operative
Coal Miner
Piecer In Cotton Mill
Cotton Reacher
Lace Mender
Farmers Daur
Lace Finisher
Cigar Maker
Fender Fitter
Garden Lab Wife
Farmer Wife
Errand Boy
Garden Lab (ND)
Factory Operative (C)
Garden Apprentice (N D)
Farmers Wife
Farm Labourer
Fettler (Iron)
Fender Fitter Wife
Farmer Of 137 Acres Employing 1 Laborer
Farm 14 Acres No Labors
Coal Miners Drawer
Assistant Governess (Sch)
Blacksmith Striker
Working Cutlers Wife
Capt 53rd Regt Retired
Chinese & Japanese Merchant
Cigar Maker (Tobacco)
Coal Miner Wife
Cook Domestic Serv
Cotton Rover
Cotton Spiner Unemployed
Cotton Throstle Spinner
Creeler In A Cotton Factory