Westaby in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Westaby
George Westaby
Charles Westaby
Robert Westaby
Albert Westaby
James Westaby
Henry Westaby
G. Westaby
Fred.C. Westaby
Emma Westaby
Edwd. Westaby
Edmund Westaby
Spalding Westaby
Amos Westaby
Joseph Westaby
Isaac Westaby
Frederick Westaby
Frank Westaby
Edwin Westaby
Wm. Westaby
Edward Westaby
Thomas Westaby

Top female forenames

Anne Westaby
Annie Westaby
Charlotte Westaby
Sarah Westaby
Mary Westaby
Jane Westaby
Emma Westaby
Ellen Westaby
Clara Westaby
Susanah Westaby
Pleasant Westaby
Margaret Westaby
Harriett Westaby
Emily Westaby
Elizabeth Westaby

Top occupations

Farmer's Dau
Farmers Dau
Farmers Son
Grocer & Draper (Master)
Mothers Help
Ag Lab
Farmer's Son
Farmer Of 88 Acres
Ag Labourer
Ag Labourer Wife
Agricultural Laborer
Black Saddler
Cow Keeper (Ag Lab)
Engine Fitter
Farm Servant Indr
Farmer Of 267 Acres Emp 4 Men
Wife Of Ag Lab