Sommer in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Wilhelm Sommer
John Sommer
Hugo Sommer
Frederic Sommer
Ernest Sommer
Dagobert Sommer
Chas. Sommer
William Sommer
Joseph Sommer
Jacob Sommer
Gustav Sommer
Eugen Sommer
Erich Sommer
Cornelius Sommer

Top female forenames

Mary Sommer
Jane Sommer
Bertha Sommer
Margaret Sommer
Louisa Sommer
Irene Sommer
Emilie Sommer
Caroline Sommer
Augusta Sommer
Agnes Sommer
Matilda Sommer
Maria Sommer
Louise Sommer
Francisco Sommer
Clara Sommer
Anna Sommer

Top occupations

Ladies Maid Domestic Servant
(No Occ)
Ladys Maid
Leather Case Maker
Mason (Unemployed)
Professor Of German
Proffessor Of Music
General Servant
General Serv Domestic
Bank Deputy Manager
Catholic Priest Our Lady Of Mt Carmel
Coal Miner
Coal Miner Wife
Commercial Clerk (Coals)
Companion (Dom)
Drapers Assistant
Watch Maker