Poynton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Poynton
George Poynton
John Poynton
Thomas Poynton
Joseph Poynton
Arthur Poynton
James Poynton
Richard Poynton
Edward Poynton
Charles Poynton
Samuel Poynton
Henry Poynton
Harry Poynton
Wm. Poynton
Albert Poynton
Frederick Poynton
Frank Poynton
Walter Poynton
Alfred Poynton
Robert Poynton
Herbert Poynton
Fredrick Poynton
Christopher Poynton
Ernest Poynton
Josiah Poynton
Elijah Poynton
Robt. Poynton
Haywood Poynton
Edwd. Poynton
Harold Poynton
Edmund Poynton
Percival Poynton
Louis Poynton
Fredk.Wm. Poynton
Lancelot Poynton
Wallace Poynton
Birch Poynton
Joshua Poynton
Trevor Poynton
Benjamin Poynton
Andrew Poynton
Horace Poynton
Emund Poynton
Sam Poynton
Alexander Poynton
Edwin Poynton
Abraham Poynton
Peter Poynton
Dan. Poynton
Michael Poynton

Top female forenames

Mary Poynton
Sarah Poynton
Elizabeth Poynton
Ann Poynton
Eliza Poynton
Hannah Poynton
Alice Poynton
Jane Poynton
Emma Poynton
Fanny Poynton
Annie Poynton
Ellen Poynton
Frances Poynton
Martha Poynton
Anne Poynton
Emily Poynton
Harriett Poynton
Edith Poynton
Lizzie Poynton
Susan Poynton
Louisa Poynton
Margaret Poynton
Pheobe Poynton
Maud Poynton
Maria Poynton
Lydia Poynton
Ada Poynton
Charlotte Poynton
Catherine Poynton
Selina Poynton
Lucy Poynton
Harriet Poynton
Ruth Poynton
Agnes Poynton
Gertrude Poynton
Rachel Poynton
Constance Poynton
Lillian Poynton
Cecilia Poynton
Lettice Poynton
Florrie Poynton
Caroline Poynton
Katherine Poynton
Florance Poynton
Augusta Poynton
Jenny Poynton
Susannah Poynton
Esther Poynton
Isabel Poynton
Magie Poynton

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Bricklayers Labourer
Silk Weaver
Railway Goods Guard
Cotton Bleacher
Cotton Weaver
Solicitors Clerk
Watch Maker
Domestic Serv
House Painter
Cab Driver
Silk Worker
Bookseller And Stationer
No Occupation
Agent For Sewing Machines
(Gardener) Domestic Serv
Dressmakers Appe
Dyer (C)
Dyers Tacker
Engine (Smith) At Works
Engine Driver (Loco) (Rly)
Engine Stoker
Cab Proprietor
`Domestic Serv' Housemaid
Bent Timber Worker
Cabinet Maker
Cabinet Maker (Employ 1 Man & 1 Boy
Cartridge Maker
Chicken Butcher
Coachman (Dom)
Coal Higgler
Coal Merchant
Caretaker Dom Servt
Book Keeper
Agricultural Laborer