Pierse in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Pierse
George Pierse
James Pierse
Percy Pierse
Alonzo Pierse
William Pierse
W.J.B. Pierse
Frederick Pierse
Wilfred Pierse
Timothy Pierse

Top female forenames

Mary Pierse
Ann Pierse
Louisa Pierse
Charlotte Pierse
Bessie Pierse
Sarah Pierse
Ada Pierse
Martha Pierse
Emma Pierse
Elizabeth Pierse
Edith Pierse
Anne Pierse
Alice Pierse
Margaret Pierse
Francis Pierse
Ellen Pierse
Eliza Pierse
Clara Pierse

Top occupations

Fitters Apprentice
Private In The Army
Moracca Leather Dresser Currier
Leather Dressers Wife
Kitchen Maid
General Servant
General Laborer
Ag Lab
Engine Fitter At Works
Dressmkr & Milliner
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Servant
Decorator Master Employs 2 Boys
Chr Mkr Cab
Chief Boatman Coast Guard
Captain 66th Regt