Pettigrew in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Pettigrew
John Pettigrew
James Pettigrew
Thomas Pettigrew
Charles Pettigrew
Henry Pettigrew
George Pettigrew
Joseph Pettigrew
Andrew Pettigrew
Alexander Pettigrew
Richard Pettigrew
Alfred Pettigrew
Matthew Pettigrew
Ellen Pettigrew
Wm. Pettigrew
Hugh Pettigrew
Robert Pettigrew
Harry Pettigrew
Rd.W. Pettigrew
Gavin Pettigrew
Patrick Pettigrew
Frederick Pettigrew
Michael Pettigrew
Francis Pettigrew
Wm.F.Henry Pettigrew
Edward Pettigrew
Willm. Pettigrew
Walter Pettigrew
Briston Pettigrew
Stephen Pettigrew
Horace Pettigrew
Roderick Pettigrew
Alford Pettigrew
Alex Pettigrew
Percy Pettigrew
Fredk. Pettigrew
Nicholas Pettigrew
Frank Pettigrew
Jonathan Pettigrew
Daniel Pettigrew
Jno. Pettigrew
C.P. Pettigrew
Arthur Pettigrew
Samuel Pettigrew
Herbert Pettigrew

Top female forenames

Mary Pettigrew
Elizabeth Pettigrew
Jane Pettigrew
Agnes Pettigrew
Sarah Pettigrew
Catherine Pettigrew
Emily Pettigrew
Ann Pettigrew
Janet Pettigrew
Louisa Pettigrew
Harriet Pettigrew
Margaret Pettigrew
Kate Pettigrew
Eliza Pettigrew
May Pettigrew
Marian Pettigrew
Annie Pettigrew
Alice Pettigrew
Fanny Pettigrew
Ethel Pettigrew
Susan Pettigrew
Katherine Pettigrew
Rose Pettigrew
Jenny Pettigrew
Jeanie Pettigrew
Eliz. Pettigrew
Charlotte Pettigrew
Marion Pettigrew
Frances Pettigrew
Magge Pettigrew
Flora Pettigrew
Albertina Pettigrew
M.Jane Pettigrew
F.M. Pettigrew
Abigail Pettigrew
Lilian Pettigrew
Esther Pettigrew
Elizbth. Pettigrew
Olive Pettigrew
Jemima Pettigrew
Maryann Pettigrew
Christina Pettigrew
Martha Pettigrew
Jame Pettigrew
Charlott Pettigrew
Hannah Pettigrew
Maggie Pettigrew
Florence Pettigrew
Mable Pettigrew

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Working On Farm Ag Lab
Coal Miner
Laborer At Iron Works
Clerk Surveyors
Cork Cutter
Ag Lab
Stone Mason
Governess (P)
Gardner Wife
Furnace Man At Iron Works
Foreman At Horse Nail Fact
Farmer Of 53 Acres
Gas Engineer
Iron Glaizer
General Draper 3 Female Students & Four Appentices
General Serv Domestic
Housekeeper (Dom)
House Carpenter
Ground Rents & Shares
Genl Servant ((Dom))
Grocers Porter
Farm Labourer
Worsted Spinner (At Mill)
Copper Plate Maker (C. Smith)
Assistant Furnes Man
Bootmaker Unemployed
Bricklayer Laborer
Clerk (Insurance Office)
Commiss Agent
Cotton Operative
Cotton Winder
Day Waiter (Inn)
Dock Labourer
Engine Fitter